Silverthorn's Let Me At 'Em

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Silverthorn's Let Me At 'Em

Breed Weimaraner
AKC Number SR97121704
Owner(s) M Green


Weimaraner Club of America2018-12-01 OD 2 17David GouldTim Carwile
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2018-10-13 AWD 3 10Dennis SullivanCraig Donze
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2018-10-13 OD 3 8Dennis SullivanK J Mehring
Western Irish Setter Club2018-10-12 OD 3 8Sam ThompsonK J Mehring
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2018-09-29 AWD 1 4Bill PadovanoSharon Fitzpatrick
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2018-09-29 OD 1 4Richard BarberJoyce Barber
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2018-09-15 AWD 1 7Todd ParmenterPaul Kuipers
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2018-09-15 OD 2 8Frank VicariGreg Wegler
GSP Club of Central Iowa2018-04-13 AWD 3 10Randy CaldwellAdam DeLude
GSP Club of Central Iowa2018-04-13 OD 4 21A BurchJ Hess
Heart of America GSP Club2018-03-30 AWP 2 5A ArmburstA Burch
Heart of America GSP Club2018-03-30 OP 4 4Chuck PariettiKenneth Sanderson
Heart of America GSP Club2018-03-30 OD 3 10Jeffrey WallaceRichard Coleman
North Michigan Weimaraner Club2018-03-16 OD 2 4Denny KeetonR Ornsby