Wildfires Royal Flush

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Wildfires Royal Flush

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SS01661604
Owner(s) M Vicari/J Vicari


La Salle Brittany Club2019-03-30 OD 1 7Dennis SullivanB Steinmetz
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2019-03-09 AWD 4 14Paul KuipersDavid Johnson
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2018-09-29 AWP 1 5Richard BarberJoyce Barber
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2018-09-29 OP 1 4Sharon FitzpatrickJim Couris
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2018-09-15 AWP 1 5Todd ParmenterK J Mehring
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2018-05-19 AWP 2 4Chris SennottK J Mehring
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2018-05-19 OP 3 8Susan JanuschkaK J Mehring
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2018-05-05 OP 1 12Mark JohnsonK J Mehring
Badger Brittany Club2018-04-20 OP 2 11Tom JagielskiKendall Brown