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Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SS01771003
Owner(s) J Absmeier/M Absmeier


GWP Club of Northern California2019-05-18 OD 3 12James SimmonsR Poole
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2018-12-01 OP 3 8Steven ArtisDavid Nelson
GWP Club of Northern California2018-11-15 OP 2 8Tom GriffinC Harrison
Northern California Brittany Club2018-09-29 OP 1 6R PooleJim Murphy
Northern California Brittany Club2018-08-18 AWD 2 9Willie Stevens JRJames Simmons
GWP Club of Northern California2018-05-19 AWP 1 4Connie SmithShane Pinkard