Karinastwinsome Girls Just Want To Have Fun

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Karinastwinsome Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SS00436405
Owner(s) C Fister


Mason-Dixon GSP Club2019-12-07 ALGD 2 12Stephanie SnyderB Bollinger
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2019-12-07 OGD 3 14Hunter ShelleyR Messner
Vizsla Club of Greater New York2019-11-23 ALGD 4 7Frank LuksaMr. J C Buchanan
Anthracite Brittany Club2019-05-18 OD 3 10John PerryJoanne Perry
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2019-03-15 OD 2 14Jonathan SensingerCory Roy
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2019-03-15 AGD 2 23Frank CavalieriJ O'Shea
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2018-09-22 AWP 2 4Raymond GubernatRuss Bigus
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2018-09-22 AWD 2 5Dean BrowningGreg Nicholson
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2018-09-22 OD 4 6Raymond GubernatRuss Bigus