King's Crook Bombogenesis

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King's Crook Bombogenesis

Breed Vizsla
AKC Number SS04975803
Owner(s) T Boscardin/J Lamphere


Mayflower GSP Club2019-11-22 AWD 1 5Greg NicholsonCory Roy
Mayflower GSP Club2019-11-22 OD 4 10Robert VauldingC Zito
Pointer Associates of New England2019-09-28 OD 2 9Katrin TazzaThomas Tazza
Hudson Valley GSP Club2019-09-20 AWD 1 7Richard FrawleyRuss Bigus
Hudson Valley GSP Club2019-06-07 OP 2 11Robert VauldingRuss Bigus
Hudson Valley GSP Club2019-06-07 AWD 2 8Andrew CampbellRuss Bigus
Pointer Associates of New England2019-05-31 AWP 4 9Susan DeSilverJ Goldsmith
Pointer Associates of New England2019-05-31 OP 3 7Marisa FowlerAndrew Campbell
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2019-04-26 AWP 2 11K AitkenJ Goldsmith
Southern New England Brittany Club2019-04-20 OP 2 5Mitchell SwierczynskiCory Roy
Central New England Brittany Club2019-04-13 AWP 1 7Jane BjorkMichelle Sala
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2018-12-01 OP 4 6Joanne PerryJ Short
Mayflower GSP Club2018-11-16 AWP 4 8Greg NicholsonR Felins
Mayflower GSP Club2018-11-16 OD 4 5R FelinsRobert Vaulding
Hudson Valley GSP Club2018-09-28 AWP 3 4Richard FrawleyThomas George