Kinwashkly Whatabirder Flyboy

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Kinwashkly Whatabirder Flyboy

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SS07622801
Owner(s) S Macleod/A Mcgavin


Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2019-03-09 OD 4 22Eric CookAlan Davison
San Antonio Weimaraner Club2019-03-02 AWP 1 8David Bryan ReynoldsT Miller
Mid Florida Brittany Club2019-02-22 AWP 2 2M TiberiiJean Matmor
Mid Florida Brittany Club2019-02-22 OP 1 5M TiberiiDr. T L Bass
Mid Florida Brittany Club2019-02-22 OD 4 6Dr. T L BassT Bass
GSP Club of San Antonio2019-01-26 OP 2 10Gene MoseleyJames Wortman
GSP Club of San Antonio2019-01-26 AWD 2 9Bret LindbackJames Wortman
Alamo Brittany Club2019-01-18 AWD 2 5Molly B WardKim Ochoa
Alamo Brittany Club2019-01-18 OD 2 4Chris CorlissDavid Downing
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2018-11-02 AWD 3 4Bret LindbackE J Hall