Gangsters Jezabelle

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Gangsters Jezabelle

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SS06018807
Owner(s) D Markiewicz/B Markiewicz


Nebraska Brittany Club2019-04-12 OP 2 10Stan TruksaS Roker
Michigan Brittany Club2019-04-05 OP 1 8Ken DelongC Gust
American Brittany Club, Inc.2019-04-01 OD 1 9Ron GulemboC Gust
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2019-03-22 OP 1 5Teresa RichmondHarold Heather
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2019-03-22 OD 4 13Kendall BrownRebecca R Walters
Illinois Brittany Club2019-02-13 OP 2 6Ronald Harling SRRonald Harling JR