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Pk's Whose Counting?

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SS10285101
Owner(s) P Van De Coevering


Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon2019-06-29 AWD 2 8Richard SpaccarelliPeter Von Ohlen
Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon2019-06-29 OD 3 6Carolyn GriffithS Cosgriff
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2019-06-15 OP 1 8Richard SpaccarelliC M Strom
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2019-06-15 OD 4 8Ray CalkinsMr. E Woodward
Oregon Brittany Club2019-06-08 AWP 1 12Rick AxtellS Cosgriff
Oregon Brittany Club2019-06-08 OP 2 12Ray CalkinsS Cosgriff
Idaho Brittany Club2019-04-26 OP 3 10Claude KilpatrickJoe Gower
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2019-04-19 OP 2 8Steve BallJoe Waitman
Inland Empire Brittany Club2019-04-16 OP 2 6J PondLawrence Sandusky
Whid Isle Brittany Club2019-04-13 OP 1 6Mark ShearmanC M Strom
Oregon Brittany Club2019-04-02 AWP 2 4Frank BrightLeslie Like