Thunderhill's Hardwire Hank

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Thunderhill's Hardwire Hank

Breed German Wirehaired Pointer
AKC Number SS06963001
Owner(s) J Paulus


GSP Club of Minnesota2019-06-02 OP 4 6Susan JanuschkaD Tang
GSP Club of Minnesota2019-06-02 OD 1 6Daniel EricksonDave Carlson
Minnesota Brittany Club2019-05-31 OP 2 8Bob BurchettV BURCHETT
Minnesota Brittany Club2019-05-31 OD 1 10Bob BurchettV BURCHETT
Minnesota Brittany Club2019-04-27 OP 1 6J ZemanAndrew Weyer
Minnesota Brittany Club2019-04-27 AWD 2 4Todd PiechowskiAndrew Weyer